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AAA enables hodlers to make, send and save with a stable currency.

Enabling Savers

Over 2 billion people live in countries with high inflation or significant political and financial instability.  Without a reliable currency and somewhere safe to store their savings it is very difficult to save and plan for their futures.

AAA Reserve can enable people to save and plan for their future globally - beating inflation and out of reach of untrusted counterparties.  This is why we are passionate about a stable cryptocurrency.

Crypto trading

It can be difficult, costly and time consuming to transact between fiat and cryptocurrencies. And holding funds in most cryptocurrencies will expose you to significant volatility in the value of your holdings.

AAA Reserve is an efficient and effective way to hold your cryptocurrency balances with lower volatility, and a trusted method for moving back into fiat currency if needed.


Saving, planning and preparing for your international student life can be difficult and time consuming. Not least organising your financial needs.

AAA can assist your transition into your new student life - enabling you to transfer funds, pay expenses, and store and access your savings. All 24/7/365, removing the need for a local bank account. 

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