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White Papers

AAA coin is an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum protocol, whose price is related to a pool of underlying assets held by a not-for-profit SPV.


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AAA coin Whitepaper and Overview

A non-technical introduction to AAA coin, including the financial features.

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Information Memorandum

The Information Memorandum for coin issuance - the primary legal document for AAA coin.

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Technical Whitepaper

Including Proof-of-Funds; Proof-of-Reserves, and Proof-of-Identity. View code on Github

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Overview of Money and Currency

A review of limitations of national currencies and digital currencies.

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Lending and Fixed Income Asset Class

A review of the asset class used to enable the SPV to track inflation.

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Research Road Map

A review of research undertaken, and explores areas for further work.

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ICO Press Release

14 December 2017 official press release announcing the launch of the ARC ICO. 

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Who Benefits if ARC is a Success

A review the ecosystem and its participants, and who could gain if ARC is a success.

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Articles of Association

Articles of Association for Arc Fiduciary Ltd.

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AAA Reserve Currency - the branding for the cryptocurrency

AAA - the ticker for the cryptocurrency

AAA coin - the short version for the cryptocurrency

$AAA - another short version for the cryptocurrency

Arc Coin and Arc Reserve Currency - the legal reference for AAA Reserve Currency as defined in the Information Memorandum and associated documents

"One of the main problems cited about cryptocurrency is the fact that it's volatile; although many users and merchants may want the security and convenience of dealing with cryptographic assets, they may not wish to face the prospect of losing 23% of the value of their funds in a single day." – Vitalik Buterin. Founder, Ethereum.

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Twitter   @AAAreserve