AAA Reserve Currency

We accept USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and most fiat currencies

A stablecoin, but different.

AAA Reserve is a trailblazing stablecoin, unlike any other currently in operation.

Not a peg

AAA Reserve is not a peg to another currency. Its value is derived from cash held in a basket of currencies.

Not for profit

AAA Reserve is not a profit-seeking stablecoin. Its sole purpose is to serve as a stable-valued coin. Nothing else. 


AAA Reserve was the first stablecoin to be signed off by a regulator, in 2017. We are pleased to see others following our lead.

We believe....do you?

We believe cryptocurrency should be freely available to all.

We believe blockchain technology should be a force for positive social change.

We believe a successful stablecoin can help achieve this.


We believe a successful stablecoin should be...


...governed and maintained by the community, and its users

...not a peg to a single, government-controlled fiat currency

...available to all


Do you?

To get involved and support AAA Reserve, contact us at hello@aaareserve.com


EOS $1M challenge

We are moving to EOS from Ethereum. We are looking for $1M of commitments to AAA Reserve on EOS.

To be one of the first purchasers simply fill in this form.

AAA Reserve has proven stability since January 2018
3x more stable than USD

AAA Reserve had 3x less volatility than the USD since January 2018, and is the most stable of all the stablecoins currently in operation.



AAA Reserve can assist ICOs to accept fiat and store funds
Working with ICOs

AAA Reserve currency is the perfect partner for ICOs. We can enable you to accept fiat subscriptions and store funds in AAA Reserve.


Please contact us to get your ICO going.


Buy your AAA coins

IMPORTANT UPDATE: September 2018: AAA Reserve has successfully completed 8 months of alpha price testing - proving its stability. Before moving to the next stage of its progress, AAA Reserve will be moving off of the Ethereum blockchain, until this is complete, there will be no more minting of new AAA Reserve coins.


Create Account

Create your account at www.aaareserve.com/signup/create-account.

You will need an ERC20 compliant wallet to hold your AAA coins.

Complete KYC / AML

You will be notified when your Proof-of-Identity checks are complete. We may need additional information for some purchasers.

Wire funds

We accept most major national (fiat) currencies. Please note the minimum subscription using a fiat currency is $25,000 (or equivalent amount).

You will be sent wiring instructions after Proof-of-Identity checks are complete.

.New: trade BTC/AAA and ETH/AAA pairs. You will need to contact support - hello@arccy.org - to request an account upgrade to a Trading Account.

Asset backed currency with price controls
Why AAA?

AAA coin is an asset-backed cryptocurrency - collateralised by cash, gilts and AAA-rated credit investments.  AAA Reserve was one of the first cryptocurrencies to be signed off by a regulator in Europe, if not the World.

Read more about the AAA reserve currency and how personal and business users are benefitting from a stable cryptocurrency. 

Contact and Connect

Telegram   t.me/aaareserve

Twitter   @AAAreserve